Thursday, September 15, 2011

We're working on.........

Today the kid composed 5 questions to ask Gramma about her immigration.

He would like to:

  • do some Dutch cooking and share it with his teacher Jen which will involve choosing a recipe from my Dutch cook book (this is when I wish my Opoe was still alive and could share her expertise...)
  • visit the Holland Shop and pick up some salted licorice for his teacher to try
  • find a Dutch painter that he finds interesting and learn some facts about him/her
  • Try his hand at painting with acrylics on canvas
  • Find the Dutch flag and learn a bit more about Dutch culture
  • Write a report based on Gramma's information
We might put this all in a scrapbook of some sort.

We are going to be reading a book by Kenneth Oppel (Canadian writer - yeah!) called Silverwing to begin our study on bats.  I'm trying to find a place where we can go and do something hands on with bats....I put a hold on this book at the library and found some unit studies and ideas on Kenneth Oppel's website.  Hit it! 

We also started simple machines.  He used a graphic organizer found in Kidspiration to organize the definitions and uses of the 6 simple machines. I simply gave him his grade 5 text book to read through and pick out the important information.  He did an okay job - needs a bit of tweaking but not bad for his first round of independent information gathering.  

Next week he tweaks this outline and picks out some experiments to do with simlple machines.  He's going to record them in a log and also use the video camera or webcam to capture some of the results.

The JumpMath 5.1 is AWESOME.  Really liking how it builds on principles.

Still trying to figure out how to organize the I cover the same subjects in the same order every day or do I give him 2 choices in a block of time as to what to accomplish?

I just don't know.

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