Tuesday, October 4, 2011

First day!

We are plugging away....a bit each day.  This kid gets so much more work done at home - and fast!  Yeah!!

Today was his first day at school and he LOVED it.  He had a french class, a math concepts class and then they did team building exercises after lunch. He came away a very happy kid and I was thrilled.   Next week he gets to go canoeing which he is really looking forward to.  Friday he starts a cartooning/drawing class which should be fun.

Still not entirely certain as to what I'm doing.....or how to do it.  I need to plan more, I think....

I think....

All I know is that the stress level in our home has reduced considerably.  I don't have a constant battle after school to get piano and homework finished.  My child is sleeping better and he's happier.

That's all that matters at this point.