Thursday, September 8, 2011

Is grammar all that important?

Today was a bit of a bust. We didn't accomplish a whole lot.   I look forward to meeting with our teacher on Tuesday to get started 100% with our learning plan for this year.  Keeping the day structured is going to be a bit challenging because of this 2 year old zipping about.

We explored Microsoft PhotoStory.  AMAZING software.  We need to get a microphone so that the kid can narrate his own presentations.  We used aquarium photos and put them to music and that was kinda fun but it would have been better had we been able to add the narration too.

Spent some time on grammar.  When I was in grades 4-6 I spent a lot of time studying grammar.  I knew it inside out and I wonder if that was an advantage when it came to writing and writing structure.  I was able to proofread my way through university ensuring good grades....I just wonder.  Grammar is boring but perhaps it's part of the foundation when it comes to good writing skills??  Just a thought.  You'd never know I was a grammar expert based on these blog posts, that's for sure!!  I remember proofreading my hallmates essay in university and it was HORRIBLE!!  I couldn't believe that he came out of highschool with that grasp of the English language.

I'm reading an excellent book called Right Brained Children in a Left-Brain World.  It is giving me great food for thought about my kid's "attention inconsistency" issues.  It debunks a lot of the common thoughts about ADD.  It exists, in reality, for a small percentage of people but has developed considerably due to our fast paced visually stimulating culture.  It's been a good read so far and I see my child in too many areas.  I need to address this issue with his teaching and learning.

I think he's right brained.
I think he has "attention inconsistencies".
I think he has a learning disability when it comes to spelling - most likely dysorthographia.  He has many of the same struggles as a child with dyslexia.

I use these definitions to describe my brilliant kid not to label him but to give me and his other educators a better grasp as so how to help him learn and how to teach him.  He thinks big.  He's got big, explosive, creative, fantastic ideas.  He grasps huge concepts and he actually loves learning when it comes to something that he finds interesting.

I'm starting to get this kid....a little bit.

End of rambling.

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